Fender Deluxe '65 Re-issue. Classic tube sound. It's awesome and pretty easy to transport around. 


Thomastik Swing Flat Wounds with a 13 on top. Mogami platinum and George Lopez cables from the pedal board to the amp.  Now using a Sennheiser Wireless XS system for the guitar. Sounds just like a high end cable, and holds a 5 hour charge. No cord to restrict your movement, or trip over :)

Polytone Mini-Brute II 12" speaker. Good enough for Joe Pass, Good enough for me.

Gretch Catalina Club 18" bass drum. 12 and 14" toms. 5x14 snare. 22" Sabian Manhatten jazz ride with 2 rivets, a 20" Sabian Hand Hammered medium Ride. a Paiste 14" fast Crash and 14" Zildjian K hi-hats. Drummers love it when they can come to a rehearsal not set anything up and play on a quality kit. 

This little Quilter Micro-Pro Mach II 8 is amazing! At 19 lbs. and 15 " high, it sounds like a great big tube amp and with such versatility I haven't scratched the surface of what it can do. But just turn it on, set it straight up, and you have a great  Jazz tone, warm and clean. It's my go-to right now. 

Gibson 335 Dot '59 Re-issue. Built in 1994.


       and stuff for

       guitar geeks

Fender Jazz Bass. Just in case!

Benedetto Bravo built in 2008. Opulent Brown. The 25" scale and 1 3/4" nut, gives it some room on the fretboard, great Jazz guitar, play it all the time

Jose Ramirez 2CWE made in Spain in 2000. Great for Bossa's. It's got a little smaller fingerboard than a true classical guitar, and a Fishman pickup inside.

Gibson L-5S, built in 1974. Had it since '79

The road warrior, traveled all over the country with this, playing R&R and grinding out a living.

These are rare guitars, very heavy, make a LP seem light. Don't play it much anymore, but it's never going away!

This is the predal rig I've been using lately. Smaller and minimalist for Jazz.

Guild "Artist Award" bought it new in 1994. Beautiful Carved top acoustic arch top with a floating Benedetto P/U (I have the original Guild P/U and guard). 

The Wes Montgomery L-5. In Butterscotch Burst. Built in December 1999. Quite possibly the last L-5 produced in the 20th Century. A Custom Color, that up to that point, Gibson said it was the only L-5 ever produced in the finish. It plays and sounds great. The quintessential Jazz guitar.

Run the guitars through this. Lower left is a bypass switcher from LoopMaster. Most of the time the guitar is running through the middle channel which is just a TC Electronic HOF mini reverb preceded by a TC mini tuner. So there is little interference between guitar and amp. The right side is goes only through a Cry baby mini wah. These mini wah's are great, take up little space and sound great, super vintage. The left looper switch, goes through a Boss CS-2 compressor, then the Ibanez Tube Screamer, The Boss Super Chorus, finally the TC Flashback Delay. The Boss Pedal FS- 5U. Goes to the reverb on the Yamaha 600i stagepass, which is what we use for the vocal when we do our own sound. It's a pretty cool setup, with Mogami Platinum cable. Just throw it in the Pedal Train case and off you go.  

Lately I have pared this down to just a tuner, MXR Sugar Drive, and the Flashback. Keeping it simple for Jazz. But if needed, the big board is still intact for variety of effects.

Heritage Kenny Burrell Groovemaster

Made for me in early 2017. 24 3/4" scale.

16" bout, 2 3/4" deep.  Great comfortable player.